Travel restrictions update for Estonia
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Applied from 27.03.2020 21:48:
  • Updated entry restrictions.
    Passengers are not allowed to enter Estonia.
    This does not apply to passengers who are entering Estonia in order to go back home with a transport other than the plane. They must not show any symptoms of Coronavirus (COVID-19).
    This does not apply to the following:
    passengers who are asymptomatic and who are directly involved in transporting goods and raw materials, including the loading of goods;
    persons related to the international transport of goods and passengers, members of the team or crew servicing the international means of transport, and the persons performing repair, warranty or maintenance operations on the means of transport;
    passengers related to the business continuity of critical services;
    passengers whose arrival in Estonia is related to the maintenance, repair or warranty activities of a device, or operations related to information and communication technology, if these are necessary for ensuring the operation of a company.

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