About Restrictions.Info

Restrictions.Info accumulates and processes current travel restrictions imposed by countries to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

On Restrictions.Info, you can check current travel restrictions and get history of restriction's changes.

Our data are based on analysis of updates in travel requirements published by open third-party services. Information about some countries provides irregulary, incompletely or with delays so we don't guarantee absolute accuracy of our information regarding to specific country at current moment. Also please take into account that information about new restrictions is published on Restrictions.Info within 12-24 hours after they're imposed. It's a restriction of our current algorithms and validating procedures.

Restrictions.Info doesn't give you any information on visa requirements and restrictions, we process just common travel restrictions imposed by every country. Actual visa information is changing very quickly, and before departure you should check visa requirements and restrictions for your nationals by yourself by contacting an embassy or consulate of your destination country.

All times on the site are indicated in your time zone: UTC.

Restrictions.Info has been created and currently maintaining by a small team of private developers. We hope that our project will help you to find important and updated information. If you want to support us for further development this site, you can send any amount by PayPal here or via Bitcoin address bc1qthr7jnyeqwdykcszaydtg756vq3aucxrwzk854. Thank you.
Currently, a most important problems of our project is an access delay for users from America, Oceania, Africa and most parts of Asia and also delays (up to 12 hours) for receiving and validation of recent changes in restrictions. To solve these issues we need to improve our servers infrastructure that require extra expenses. Also we are planning to make mobile app, which will provide more convenient way for using our service.

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