Travel restrictions of Thailand
Last updates at 27.08.2020 14:04
  • Entry restrictions
    Passengers and airline crew are not allowed to enter and transit until 30 September 2020.
    - This does not apply to passengers who are spouses, parents, or children of a national of Thailand.
    - This does not apply to airline crew with a return scheduled flight.
    - This does not apply to passengers traveling as students.
    Passengers must have a medical certificate with a negative Coronavirus (COVID-19) RT-PCR test result issued at most 72 hours before departure.
    Passengers must have:
    - an insurance to cover medical expenses in Thailand, and
    - a Certificate of Entry issued by Royal Thai Embassy, and
    - a Fit to Fly health certificate.

  • Forced isolation
    Passengers are subject to medical screening and quarantine.

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