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  • Entry restrictions
    Passengers and airline crew are not allowed to enter.
    - This does not apply to passengers with a "National Control Centre COVID-19 Response" controller approval.
    Passengers must arrive from Australia, Cook Isl., Fiji, Hong Kong (SAR China), Japan, Kiribati, Marshall Isl., Micronesia (Federated States), Nauru, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Niue, Palau, Philippines, Samoa, Singapore, Solomon Isl., Tonga, Tuvalu or Vanuatu.
    Passengers must have a negative COVID-19 PCR test taken at most 7 days before departure.
    Passengers must have an approved International Air Passenger Travel Form (I-APTF). The form can be obtained by sending an email to .
    Passengers must have a completed e-Health Declaration Form obtained at . A generated barcode must be presented.

  • Home/self isolation
    Passengers are subject to quarantine for up to 14 days. They must have a hotel booking confirmation.

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